Site update

by Anthony Greenberg, posted on Jan 6, 2021

When I first set up this here outfit more than five years ago, I needed to quickly set up a website to advertise myself. At the time, I heard about Squarespace from their ads on some podcasts I was listening to. It fit the bill perfectly: nice clean design templates, analytics displayed in a …

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Switching to Linux

by Anthony Greenberg, posted on Apr 6, 2019

I have been using Apple computers close to full time since mid-90’s. Originally because I used Photoshop extensively for processing confocal microscope images and Macs were the standard platform for that. It helped that they were also relatively safe from viruses and generally stable. I …

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Fast ordered sampling of SNPs from large files

by Anthony Greenberg, posted on Nov 6, 2017

Ever since I left my academic position and became independent, I have been interested in the idea of using minimal computer resources to perform big-data statistical analyses. I do not have a permanent office, so the only computer I own is a laptop, although it is a close to maximal-spec 15-inch …

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Accidental benchmarking of Apple's new file system, APFS

by Anthony Greenberg, posted on Oct 6, 2017

Apple recently released High Sierra, the new version of Mac OS. While it is billed as one of those “stability releases” with few user-facing changes, it introduces a new file system, APFS. This system has already been rolled out for iOS devices. This is not something users interact with …

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